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MCS -- What Is It Really?

MCS stands for Multiple Chemcial Sensitivities, also known as Environmental Illness. It is allergic reactions to chemicals, often not clearly antibody driven. Symptoms can be quite bizzare, from sneezing to loosing the ability to do math, "brain fog", or even progressive coordination imparement. This is often "simply" due to the inability of the body to clear various toxins, be they from the chemicals we use in our daily lives, or from the toxins formed by various infections, infestations, etc. within our bodies. But this apparent simplicity belies a host of complex interlocking underlaying causes and systems involved.

There have been tales of sometimes spectacular successes in treating MCS, but when one talks with the "cured" person some months or years later, one finds the success did not restore health all the way, or sometimes, did not do very much at all despite early good feelings.

Why? What is this thing called MCS really about?

The problem is that these ailments are often not simple problems with single point cures. It is often a Whole Big Mess of things going wrong and causeing other things to go wrong. With many of the victims having several problems at once, few are treated for the total impact, often resulting in only temporary cures which are later followed by "unrelated" ailments or lingering symptoms.

Part of the problem may well be the faith healing effect -- Enthusiasm produces a surge of adrenalin and endorphins which can mask a lot of things for a short while. Once the adrenals give out, or the enthusasm abates, you are back where you started, sometimes the worse for wear. There are no magic bullets, only slow cures that require you to work at it.

Factors and Causes of MCS

       * Root causes -- ongoing effects
            * Chemical injury / chronic exposures
            * Primary infections  (mycoplasmas, parasites, etc.)
            * Stress / abuse reactions 
            * Low body temperature  (Usually an effect)
            * Micro-nutrient insufficiency due to prior metabolic damage 
       * Secondary infections taking advantages of weaknesses
            (often candida albecans)
       * Biochemical/organ damage reducing resilience
            * Mitochondria
            * Liver
            * Pancreas
            * Adrenal glands -- adrenal exhaustion
       * Malnutrition due to above damage
       * Build-up of toxins from infections, infestations, and exposures
       * Gut permeability problems leading to food allergies
       * Inappropriate antibodies to macromolecules similar to own tissues
       * Antibodies specific to some of your own tissues.
       * Acquired inappropriate reaction reflexes, short and long term.
            * Over-generalized neurological _preparation_ reactions 
                     (Akin to the classical "see strawberry, get rash")
            * Inappropriate metabolic reductions (e.g. Wilson's Syndrome)
            * Inappropriate circulatory reductions
                  * Brain - brain fog
                  * Limbs, gut -- shooting pains, icy painful hands, etc.
                  * heart -- heart attack (30% due to vascular spasming.)
            * Inappropriate neurological/neurochemical reactions
            * Inappropriate fear reactions
       * Inappropriate or sub-optimal medical care  (wrong doctor)
       * Inadequate medical care  (financial problems or "gave up")
       * Malnutrition II  
            (avoidance and income problems due to all of above.)

What did I leave out? Probably a lot!

Simply clearing one or two, will not solve the long term problems. One has to identify all the relevant conditions, and deal with them. The bad news is that it is not one ailment with one set of treatments. The good news is that it is not one ailment, so as you deal with each piece, there is still hope of substantial overall improvement. Keep Looking, Keep Trying!

For me, Dr. Cathcart's vitamin C IV's gave me the time and ability to do something about some of the conditions, like Candida and gross malnutrition; but other conditions, like Wilson's and other inappropriate reaction syndromes, as well as some biochemical damage, remain. I waited too long, casting about trying to find appropriate treatment for over three years before finding something approaching reasonable medical care, a doctor considerably advanced for that day! But by then, a lot of damage had been done. We've learned a Lot more since those days! But there is still a lot to learn. Although I seem to have found an exception, most of the other doctors I have seen don't seem to recognize half of what is happening and dismiss much of it as not relevant, thus leaving the patient open to continuing problems. And even the best doctors don't know everything.

It is up to YOU to insist on finding all the problems, and doing what you can to see to it that they are cleared up. Start with your Foods Feelings and Faculties Diary, recording your ideas and treatments as well. Read the books and do searches on the net, talk with others, compare symptoms and treatments. The internet and these mailing lists are great for some of this; but you also have to go get books like "The Yeast Syndrome", "The Yeast Connection and the Woman", and a number of other books. Use the advice they present, and Keep Looking!

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