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Your "Foods, Feelings, Faculties" Diary

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If you wish to know how to beat your problems, you need to see what helps and what harms. We are all different, some of what helps some may harm others and vice versa. To see what helps, and what harms, we need to keep some records that you can go through from time to time to see how you are doing.

Here is a simple checklist which you should elaborate to suit your own needs. Do note that we all have a run of bad days now and then, as well as a run of good days. Sometimes it is because of what we did, and at other times, it may well be because of the weather, our neighbors, synchronicity of things, forgetting vitamins, or who knows what. Well, by looking over your records, you just might find some of those things.


  • What did you eat? (See Food Rotation).
  • What did you drink? How much?
  • What vitamins and other supplements did you take?


  • How do you feel Physically
    • Joints
    • Muscles
    • Breathing (deep/shallow, wet/dry, etc.)
    • Other
  • How do you feel Emotionally
    • Calmness vs nervousness
    • Tension vs relaxation
    • Empathy vs aloofness
    • Other
  • Problem areas


  • Physical stamina
  • Vision - focusing, clarity
  • Mental stamina and concentration
  • Problem solving abilities
  • Ability to track
  • Memory
  • Other problem areas


  • Exposure incidents, if any


  • "Mental" temperature ( See Cold Body - Scale.)
  • Oral temperature before and food or drink
    (High, Low, Cycle, See Cold Body - Measurement.)

  • This is by no means a comprehensive list. It's just to get you started thinking about what you need to do, what kind of daily tests you can take to see how things affect you.

    For example, some might wish to track their breathing ability using one of those peak flow or volume type breath meters. Other's may find a joint mobility index, number of pushups, miles or minutes walked, etc. might be more appropriate. It all depends upon what you feel are areas you wish to concentrate on.

    Why not post your ideas on the new Diary Strategies and Theories Chat Page

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