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Candida / Allergy References

This was on one of the immune mailing lists:
She said she noticed that her mold-induced MCS improved with Nystatin, and so did other conditions, including Fibromyalgia. She believes all her illnesses may have been caused by mold in her environment, and was experimenting with Nystatin because she believed she might have candida as well, but was not sure. She now believes the Nystatin may have worked against whatever mold strains were infecting her body.
  1. You might check out for the articles they have on candida as "the scourge of the arthritics". In there they talk of Candida as a cause of arthritic conditions, either primary or contributory.

    In the years as a patient of Dr. Cathcart, I have several times heard his say, almost with amazement, that it almost does not matter what the patient is suffering from (meaning immune related disorder, I believe,) once they get on the anti-candida program, they all improve.

  2. This is consistent with what Professor of Medicine, Dr. F. C. Odds, in his textbook "Candida and Candidosis", (University Park Press in the USA, and another firm in London,) suggests to other doctors: whenever a patient begins to linger, considerable improvements may be attained by giving anti-fungal drugs immediately. He suggests that waiting for lab tests wastes critical time, and that since antibody titers are generally lowest in the most affected patients, they are deceptive. He also suggests that one third of the illness deaths are related to candida albecans and its relatives.

  3. Great Smokies Labs, 800-522-4762 [or in Canada, 800-833-5524] has an application guide for Intestinal Permiability. Seems that Candida problems, many allergies to foods, as well as Inflamatory Bowel and similar diseases, Chrons Disease, Inflammatory Joint diseases, NSAIDs, even some forms of Schizophrenia, may have some factors related to gut permiability. The applications guede has an extensive set of references, as well as suggestions about non-perscription materials which can help many allergy sufferers.

    Just one of the many comment: "Quercitin is molecularly similar [to Cromolyn Sodium] and also stabilizes mast cells".

  4. Heart surgeons Bodey and Fainstein, (sp?) in their 1980's book "Candidosis", go on to talk about the prevalence of Candida Albecans and other yeast fungi in various packaged goods and the environment in genneral, as well as in patients. They suggest that candida leasions are indistinguishable from cancer at time of autopsy, and difficult to distinguish when a patient is still alive. (Though their description of some of the advanced cases is more in keeping with frank scurvy, and their mode of treatment, heart valve replacement, would seem questionable. Their rational involves transient circulatory deficits and the common finding of candidal overgrowth on the heart valves. They don't mention vitamin C despite this, and their four year _survival_ rate, which they boast about in that book, is 14%. Yes, at the time of the book, only fourTEEN percent of their patients lived more than four years after treatment! Given the higher survival rates of most any non-traditional doctor in the arena of candidiasis, one might suspect that heart surgery might not be the best treatment.)

  5. The more successful anti-candida programs generally involve some antifungals, as well as dietary modification to reduce simple carbohydrates and emphasize foods like root and leaf vegetables which have their own antifungals. Food rotation is also known to help.

  6. Many people with allergies and depression like problems common to some allergy sufferers, may be suffering from low body temperature. "Wilsons Syndrome", by Denis Wilson, M.D. details this problem, and how it can often be cured. See also Wilsons Syndrome here at Mall-Net. This book is available through Doc C's Nutrition Store.

  7. Meanwhile, one might consider evaluating some of this information, and contemplate looking further at the various candida reduction programs and diets that are available. One good book is "The Yeast Syndrome" by Trowbridge and Walker. This book is probably the best when it comes to laying out the food rotation information.

  8. Or try some of the "Yeast Connection" books by Dr. Crook. They are a bit more chatty. The latest, "The Yeast Connection and the Woman" is chock full of information. As it says on the back cover, "Not for Women Only!" These books are available in many book stores, or you can order them via Doc C's Nutrition Store.

  9. If you have ever had a child swell up with hives, and start developing black and blue bruises, check out "Every Second Child", available from Oscar at 800-325-2664, or 408-867-6368.

  10. Other books are listed in Dr. Cathcart's bibliographic information.

    These and other books are available through Doc C's Nutrition Store.

CAUTION: I'm no doctor, I only tell computers what to do. Nothing in this document should be construed as medical advice. My opinions are subject to the availability of information. I learn new things each day, and so may change my opinions.

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