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Wilson's Syndrome

(This is a book review, not medical advice.)
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We present: A syndrome characterized by:

This appears to be a pro-survival adaptation, lowering metabolic processes to deal with famines and other problems of food availability, at the expense of some enzymatic efficiency. Under normal circumstances, the body resumes normal functioning when food supply is restored and/or stress removed.

The disadvantage, is that not all enzymatic pathways operate at optimal rates during this temporary low nutrition period.

In a portion of the population, once the body has entered this "conservation state", it may stay there for years. If the state persists too long, chronic fatigue, allergy and immunological problems, and other "poorly defined" health complaints may become common. This state may be reset with proper therapy, as noted in the book and outlined below.

Most susceptible people include:

To this we may add:

Testing Protocol

Using an accurate mercury thermometer, such as an ovulation thermometer found in many drugstores, (NOT an electronic thermometer,) take your temperature every three hours beginning three hours after getting up. Average the readings over several normal days. (No periods, colds, etc.) If average body temperature is one or more degrees below normal, you may have Wilson's Syndrome. (Other conditions may also cause low body temperature. Some say one only needs to be half a degree below normal before many of the symptoms become evident. See also
A Subjective Temperature Scale for possible behavioral effects.)

(The problems with electronic thermometers involve the manner in which they sample the temperature. They can produce readings that are nearly half a degree low OR high due to sampling errors. A mercury thermometer averages the temperature. A digital thermometer samples the temperature at specific intervals. If one interval corresponds to the pulse of hot blood from the core of the body, the reading wil be high. If all the intervals occur shortly before those pulses, the readings will be low. The ones which beep, do so when some small number of readings have shown the same temperature. See also Observations in the coldbody.html page.) Note that Wilson;s syndrome is a controversial diagnosis, and not all endocrinologists will agree with the methods used. Also, not all thyroid supplements are alike. Some can aggravate Wilson's Syndrome.

Additional Information

Dr. Cathcart's comments on Symptoms and effects of Wilson's Syndrome.

Wilson's Syndrome
By Dr. Denis Wilson, M.D.
Cornerstone Publishing Company

Treatment Protocol

Treatment protocol involves cycling body temperature up to the normal range using the proper thyroid supplements, then cycling the supplements down again. Note that using the wrong ratios of T3 to T4 can exacerbate the syndrome. This cycling is repeated several times till the body temperature remains (latches up) at the normal level after discontinuing thyroid supplements. Typically, this may take three or four cycles. In difficult cases, it has taken as many as eleven or twelve cycles.

The late Dr. Cathcart repored success testing this theraputic approach on a select group of patients. This author was able to use biofeedback to learn how to adjust his body temperature.

This author discovered that his "latch point" was 98.8, and that the calmness needed for his professional "deep thought" type programming and systems analysis was not there much above 98.4 degrees. Other means of regulating to about 98.0 - 98.3 are being attempted. this may well be because the author spent most of his childhood and adult years at between 95 to 96.8 degrees, resulting in the brain being organized to run at that lower speed. Given that the brain is a time domain analog system, rather than a voltage domain binary system like modern computers, it is possible that the lower neural firing speeds inherent in lower body temperatures may give the brain more time domain variability to use for storing information. This is a trade-off for depth v.s. rapidity of response.

Related issues would include a greater need to evaluate and avoid conditions in which sudden or heavy energy expenditures would likely be required, fostering a life long habituation favoring deeper thought.

This may have some bearing in the observation that intelligent people seem to have more allergy problems than less intelligent people.

See The Cold Body Page, coldbody.html, for observations, information, and additional references.

This is preliminary information, a book review. This document should not be construed as medical advice.

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