Hello, My name is John.

I am a tall, thin, single white male; a calm, honest, thinking professional with a bit of an entrepreneurial bent. No smoking, no drinking, no drugs, low TV; but occasional spontaneous laughter.

I have greenish/brown eyes, brown hair, a light complexion, a good caring personality, and a pet robot that can run faster than I can. Don't worry, he's broken. (I borrowed his brains to simulate a geo-magnetic field complete with Shuman warble, but that's another story.)

Although I wear a suit and tie at work, I am practical, and can fix almost anything from computers to washing machines. Not quite your typical couch potato. (It's more interesting to fix things than watch TV.)

I enjoy walking, reading, creative writing (science fiction and science), slow music, nature photography, and scratching my head over things and Ideas. (Mostly Ideas.)

Some samples of my writing:

As a curious person with a very broad set of interests, I enjoy listening To people with different viewpoints, and talking With people who Think.

If you are a single lady who would like an open minded friend to walk with, talk with, and maybe raise a family with, then please e-mail me at javilk@mall-net.com -J- (Javilk@mall-net.com)

One slightly used ex-husband,
good condition,
likes thinking, walking

Sitting forlornly in
Hecate's Used Husband Lot,
The Moonlight Zone.

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