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Why Mad Scientists are Mad

(C) 1995, Javilk
(A Mall-Net Studios production.)

Oh, What a fine day for a bike ride in the city!
Harry really should get out more.

What's That??? A rogue robot!
Doesn't look like one of Harry's!

Hello, Police?
There's another of those Roge Robots loose destroying buildings!
Yes, Yes, I'm Carol Schell [1], KNST News.
Why thank you. I'm glad you enjoy my newscasts.
Now Do Hurry! It's at Fifth and Willow already!

Hey, Listen up guys!
The cops say they've got another Rogue Robot on their hands.
They want us to take it down!
Now we can try out my new Mark 87 robotoid brain fryer I just finished building.

Hey, lady, whatcha hurry? Wanna lift?

Who, me? You want What???
But Harry, you told me that thing is Dangerous!
And you know about my, um, tummy...

Oh, my knees, Oooohhh, my aching knees...
You know how I need more of that
Expensive Lubricant for my aching knees!

Harry! Harry!
Nice catch, Winnie!
What is it, Alice?
And whos this guy with the dark glasses?

Alice, you sure you want to do this? I mean, George is quite willing to handle it.

Ok, Alice, you'll run the controls from the rear.

Um.. Fred, is it?
You, um, just pull the trigger
when she tells you to.
Alice knows All about running this Mark 87,
She helped me built it.

Push the trigger!
(Creeek, Grrooooaaan, CRASH!!!!)
Tinkle tinkle tinkle...

Yayyeeeee!!! Ya did it! Woopieee!!!

Ya, my car-a-boat got all da science stuff here.
Boy, Whadda pile o junk this big thing is!
Hey, I'll bet we can haul it to
Confer Metals [2]!
Yea, we'll sell it for salvage.
Somebody is bound to want all them neat robot parts!

The Mark 87 Robot Killer works! The city is finally safe from Rogue Robots!

This is Carol Schell, KNST News, Reporting.
We are here live at Harry's Science Lab.
Thanks to Harry's new Mark 87,
That blue plate gadget Harry is holding,
The city is finally safe from Rogue Robots!
Say Harry, You have any idea who is behind these things?
Well, Carol... it isn't
that single biotech guy in Finland [3],
He's into that biological stuff.
You know, 500 pound gene spliced elephant-rats,
flying bat-dogs, garlic flavored beefalopes,
dancing panda bears, and other stuff like that.

And its not that single inventor guy with the tank [4],
he is more into ecological stuff,
and this robot used a very badly tuned gasoline engine.
Hmmm... that leaves... Bonk Research? [5]
Might be a story in that one for you, Carol.

Cheers, Hero!
Lady, you, me and my car-a-boat,
We can make bootiful moosic-a togedah!

Wow! I've never been to Acapulco!
This is a great honeymoon!

Alice could have at least hugged me...
I mean,
it isn't as if we hadn't known each other since...
Now all I have left is this boom box they forgot...
It's enough to drive a scientist MAD! [5]

[And that's why we are visiting this red rubber room...]

[1] Carol Shell, KNST News - E-Mail only.
[2] Confer Metals - surplus equipment and metals
[3] Ari, that single Biotech guy in Finland
[4] Phil, that once single inventor who had a for-real army tank (Actually an M-19 open turret tracked vehicle.)
[5] Other (inferior) daft scientists, not even good enough to be called mad!

Original created 1996. Copyright (C) 2017 and prior years, Javilk

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