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These are short sample reports to illustrate the kinds of information we can provide for your market. These samples won't help you! You need to target the words your prospects use when searching for things related to your ideas, products, and services; not Britney Spears and warez. For help developing a market strategy specific to your market, talk to a live consultant at 408-705-2284. 10-7 Pacific, 1-10 Eastern time. Tap three generations of consulting experience; serving the web since 1995, the world since 1933.

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Top Fifteen "Search" Query Phrases

#Rank Percent Query / Link
25 0.08113 search engines
164 0.03095 people search
228 0.02614 job search
234 0.02554 search engine
445 0.01653 goggle search engine
507 0.01502 email search
584 0.01352 google search
1234 0.00811 free warrant search
1234-T 0.00811 college search
1369 0.00781 spectrum research guestbook
1369-T 0.00781 metacrawler results | search query sing ong tai chi - guestbook
1499 0.00751 stem cell research
1499-T 0.00751 mp3 search
1676 0.00721 search
1856 0.00691 search systems - largest free public records database collection
1856-T 0.00691 metacrawler results | search query shaolin guestbook this month
Copyright (C) Mar 17, 103 JVV
Reproduction without permission strictly PROHIBITED.

Percentage is based upon 3328 "search" related queries sampled.
(More phrases below statistics tables.)

This is about Traffic!

This is about traffic -- buying traffic -- and how to get more of it. It is about how people search, the words they use. Use their words -- often enough -- and you will be found.

Our custom reports help you find out

  • How people search in your market
  • What word combinations work best
  • Who's on top -- how leading brands rank
  • What people want to know about your products and services
In other words, how to get found -- even in highly contested markets!

Where is Your Cyber-Store?

Ever hear the first three rules of retailing?
Location, Location, Location!

So where is your store in cyber-space?

Your cyber-store store address is your keywords! Unless you are running a multi-million dollar advertising campaign, most people find you in the search engines by the words you use. If your words match match the words they search with, you get found. If you show them you have what they want right at the top, they will stay and look around your site.

Your internet store front is not your home page; it is your META Description tag, and the first use of each key word in your text. That is what people see in most of the search engine listings. It should tell people why they should look at your page.

If you understand these concepts, we can help you find the right words for your products and services. Our market research will help drive more traffic, more buying traffic to your web pages. Call us at 408-705-2284, 10 - 7 Pacific time. (1-11pm Eastern time)

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Use words or word fragments.

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Weekly "Search" Keyword Statistics

Rank%QueriesSearch Term/
Web Pages
As Q(Q/#Pg)
#1 158.8341 search 65524645 0.42643186
#2 67.7284 cft 40844 124.38830673
#3 36.0577 research 42668063 0.03374890
#4 19.6514 engine 8455629 0.05058358
#5 17.9087 engines 4276579 0.08306078
#6 16.5264 results 24763704 0.01221546
#7 14.0024 for
#8 12.6803 rs 4296136 0.04145213
#9 12.5300 metacrawler 232372 0.74832166
#10 12.0192 query 5579419 0.02867682
#11 11.7488 com 273846990 0.00055827
#12 10.3365 free
#13 10.3065 ti 3983561 0.02953363
#14 8.4435 job 19796508 0.00398863
#15 7.3317 of
#16 6.2200 in
#17 5.9495 people
#18 5.7692 guestbook
#19 5.5589 the
#20 4.9579 f
#21 4.6274 to
#22 4.1767 searches
#23 3.5457 email
#24 3.1250 on
#25 3.0950 lt121s1 149 71.20134228
#26 3.0649 aic 196764 0.05287553
#27 3.0048 f
#28 2.6142 word
#28 -T 2.6142 by
#30 2.5841 a
#31 2.4038 internet 77317805 0.00008278
#32 2.3438 address 35061998 0.00017352
#33 2.2837 web 88986516 0.00006491
#34 2.2236 lyrics 3415793 0.00160314
#35 2.1935 site 94660545 0.00005630
#36 2.1034 public 48329173 0.00010139
#36 -T 2.1034 phone 34500089 0.00014203
#38 2.0433 searching 3200528 0.00144476
#38 -T 2.0433 paper 14914618 0.00031003
#40 2.0132 goggle 20743 0.21641036
#41 1.9531 ah 2819755 0.00149836
#42 1.9231 home 156431724 0.00002618
#43 1.8930 records 14007057 0.00028336
#44 1.8630 bomis 16414 0.23419033
#45 1.8329 music 34306675 0.00010846
#46 1.8029 number 60316368 0.00005969
#47 1.7728 song 7247373 0.00048031
#47 -T 1.7728 directory 26506650 0.00013133
#49 1.7428 uk 35183010 0.00009561
#50 1.6827 adult 10998629 0.00028513
#51 1.6526 warrant 983302 0.00307637
Rank%QueriesSearch Term/
Web Pages
As Q(Q/#Pg)
#51 -T 1.6526 pam 1278921 0.00236528
#53 1.6226 papers 6246101 0.00046685
#54 1.5625 b 121771888 0.00002221
#55 1.5024 services 72685057 0.00003439
#56 1.4724 real 37618827 0.00006382
#57 1.4423 welcome 19296735 0.00011940
#57 -T 1.4423 mp3 6711852 0.00034327
#57 -T 1.4423 cell 6736226 0.00034203
#60 1.4123 page 155262188 0.00001423
#60 -T 1.4123 equipment 19350847 0.00011416
#60 -T 1.4123 australia 9889007 0.00022338
#63 1.3822 social 18668846 0.00011334
#63 -T 1.3822 business 59986591 0.00003527
#65 1.3522 information 140604224 0.00001440
#66 1.3221 your 201936475 0.00000959
#66 -T 1.3221 security 17672647 0.00010955
#66 -T 1.3221 metasearch 58757 0.03294927
#69 1.2921 college 26389175 0.00007007
#70 1.2320 stem 987395 0.00170246
#70 -T 1.2320 movie 11944983 0.00014073
#70 -T 1.2320 medical 17449476 0.00009634
#70 -T 1.2320 lyric 293675 0.00572401
#74 1.2019 new 149861766 0.00001068
#75 1.1719 at
#76 1.1418 pkm 13034 0.11078717
#76 -T 1.1418 marketing 15898491 0.00009083
#78 1.1118 world 58797483 0.00002328
#78 -T 1.1118 online
#78 -T 1.1118 msn 3088402 0.00044327
#78 -T 1.1118 estate 18186843 0.00007527
#78 -T 1.1118 city 45780466 0.00002990
#83 1.0817 reverse 2304649 0.00056234
#83 -T 1.0817 database 16171613 0.00008014
#85 1.0517 how 85814197 0.00001428
#86 1.0216 roms 1616108 0.00071530
#86 -T 1.0216 market 19865019 0.00005819
#86 -T 1.0216 download 30745718 0.00003760
#89 0.9916 yahoo 10294439 0.00010579
#89 -T 0.9916 property 18884228 0.00005767
#89 -T 0.9916 jobsearch 36211 0.03007373
#92 0.9615 south 26201961 0.00003908
#92 -T 0.9615 institute 13713841 0.00007467
#92 -T 0.9615 find 54144328 0.00001891
#95 0.9315 heavy 4859225 0.00019777
#95 -T 0.9315 career 10272322 0.00009355
#97 0.9014 spectrum 2027182 0.00044397
#97 -T 0.9014 name 68980389 0.00001305
#99 0.8714 my 119702751 0.00000703
#99 -T 0.8714 i
Copyright (C) Mar 17, 103 JVV
Reproduction without permission strictly PROHIBITED.

Percentage is based upon 3328 "search" related queries sampled.
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Explanation of terms

  • Rank: Number of items more popular than this one. Based on samples selected for "Search".
  • Where -T denotes a tie, counting does not stop.
  • Percent: Percentage use in queries using "Search".
    Percentage is based upon 3328 "search" related queries sampled.
  • Competing pages: Pages found for the single keyword named in the line.
  • Strength: Very crude measure of the traffic a keyword may attract.Strength = #Queries x ( #Queries / #Web pages )
  • Links are to the statistical report page for the selected word.

"Search" Web Page Demographics

Writing "Search" web pages? Use META keywords with more market share -- less existing page competition, yet fair usage in queries related to your main topic. Why compete head-on in keyword neighborhoods where page demographics give you poor market share? Go where "Search" competition is less fierce, and each query for your keywords is more likely to get you responsive hits. Writing for other keywords? Subscribe to a report listing your most important words. We can help you with that. E-Mail

Most search engines only scan the first thousand characters of the meta tags, and penalize those who engage in keyword spamming. Make each keyword count. Play fair, and people will play fair with you.

What is the price of a web presence? Yes, the pages and servers can cost money; but the real cost is the labor of handling e-mail from prospects.

You are not accepting e-mail? Then you are turning away prospective customers who want more detail than you present on your web pages. Yet if your pages attract too many cruisers and tire kickers, you will drown trying to keep up with your e-mail.

The answer is "narrow-casting" your pages to specific demographic market clusters based upon what vocabulary your prospective customers are using when they ask about your products.

Use those words and phrases to target your web pages to interested participants and buyers, not "channel surfers" and "tire kickers" with nothing better to do than take up your time and waste your web budget. Quality content, not quantity and fancy graphics, brings true customers.

Remember, your store front is your meta tags, not your graphics loaded home page. Most hits come from search engines, bypassing your home page for the content pages on your site. (We can help)

"Search" Web Queries

This web market research report is based on a statistical sampling of "Search" matching keywords used in searches on the World Wide Web. Click on the keyword links in the tables for reports on associated keywords.

How To Use This Market Research Report

There are two sources of keywords: Your customers and your customers! Find what words your customers have used to find you by looking through your web server logs. Find the words you are not found by, by using our more selective custom reports. Then use those words in your text, headers, and meta tags.
  • To help you write pages people want to read:
    • To see which topics people look for more often.
    • To identify Targets of Opportunity -- sub-topic areas with growing interest within your topic.
    • To identify hot words to put in titles and headers to keep your readers reading.
  • To help you build your search engine strategy:
    • To see how many pages compete over your keywords.
    • To identify keywords with less competition, where your pages can have more effect.
    • To see which topic specific keywords to put in the first 1000 characters of your meta tags.
    • To weed out the less valuable keywords from your Meta tags, so they don't grow too long.
Do people read things they are not interested in? Find out what they ARE interested in BEFORE you write. Then use those words and phrases in:
  • Title
    • <TITLE> Bold Headline </TITLE>
    • Your primary link!
    • Get their attention!
    • Get them to ask "What is this?"
    • <META NAME="description" CONTENT="what this is">
    • Your store front display on the web!
    • What have you got?
    • Why should I read it?
    • Try to keep it under two lines.
    • Use more pages, not longer meta descriptions!
    • <META NAME="keyword" CONTENT="word1, word2,...">
    • Your essential words
    • Primary words to index by
    • Primary words to find your page under
    • Help eliminate those NOT looking for your topic
    • Max about 1000 characters
    • Remember, attract users, not cruisers!
  • Header lines
    • Separate related but different sections
    • Is this section relevant to my problem?
    • Can I skip this section?
  • Navigation bars
    • <A NAME="word"> ... </A>
    • <A HREF="#word">Word </A>
    • Give users quick access within pages
  • Most important of all, The Text Itself!
    • Use keywords instead of "it"
    • Use them in meaningful phrases
  • Do NOT SPAM the Search Engines!
    • Do not string the same words over and over!
    • Do not hide words behind color backgrounds!
    • Do not jam keywords in meaningless phrases!
    • Different topics, Different pages!
  • Attract Users, not Cruisers
    • People talk about meaningful pages
    • People link to meaningful pages
    • People print and share meaningful pages with non-net friends and relatives
  • Remember: Content Sells!
To find out what keywords people are using to find your pages,
Subscribe to our Top 500 Custom report. Or our weekly Free Top 200 Report. And bookmark this site.

More on META tags at Search Engine Watch
Search engine comparisons at".

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Key Word: 
Use words or word fragments.

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Weekly Top 100 "Search" Query Phrases

#Rank Percent Query / Link
25 0.08113 search engines
164 0.03095 people search
228 0.02614 job search
234 0.02554 search engine
445 0.01653 goggle search engine
507 0.01502 email search
584 0.01352 google search
1234 0.00811 free warrant search
1234-T 0.00811 college search
1369 0.00781 spectrum research guestbook
1369-T 0.00781 metacrawler results | search query sing ong tai chi - guestbook
1499 0.00751 stem cell research
1499-T 0.00751 mp3 search
1676 0.00721 search
1856 0.00691 search systems - largest free public records database collection
1856-T 0.00691 metacrawler results | search query shaolin guestbook this month
2041 0.00661 metacrawler results | search query matt s music page guestbook
2263 0.00631 metacrawler results | search query welcome to the guestbook
2263-T 0.00631 lyrics search
2263-T 0.00631 email address search
2485 0.00601 person search
2768 0.00571 search the social security death index
2768-T 0.00571 search engins
3505 0.00511 google search engine
3505-T 0.00511 cyberspace search!
3931 0.00481 warrant searches
3931-T 0.00481 search heavy equipment
3931-T 0.00481 adult search
4482 0.00451 address search
5052 0.00421 web search results - excite
5052-T 0.00421 university of south florida - a metropolitan research i
5052-T 0.00421 song lyric search
5052-T 0.00421 office of research services
5052-T 0.00421 metacrawler results | search query guestbook pre-installed with
5052-T 0.00421 lyric search
5052-T 0.00421 australia s premier job search career internet site -
5796 0.00391 searchvids com
5796-T 0.00391 search for song title using lyrics
5796-T 0.00391 metacrawler results | search query tareq rajab museum guestbook
6650 0.00361 metacrawler results | search query metra corporation guestbook
6650-T 0.00361 internet search engines
6650-T 0.00361 goggle search
6650-T 0.00361 fastftpsearch
6650-T 0.00361 adoptees searching
7852 0.00331 star trek - science fiction fantasy horror search engine
7852-T 0.00331 search com - download n64 roms
7852-T 0.00331 movie search
7852-T 0.00331 dmv search
7852-T 0.00331 bomis search results kirsten dunst
7852-T 0.00331 bomis search
9162 0.00300 zip code search
9162-T 0.00300 search engine submission
9162-T 0.00300 phone number search
9162-T 0.00300 phone address search - nerd world
9162-T 0.00300 msn public profiles advanced search
9162-T 0.00300 mp3 search engines
9162-T 0.00300 jobsearch
9162-T 0.00300 home loans mortgages refinances search nationwide hundreds
9162-T 0.00300 free date of birth search
11116 0.00270 who is researching aids
11116-T 0.00270 search password
11116-T 0.00270 newspaper archive search
11116-T 0.00270 medical symptoms search
11116-T 0.00270 lyrics search engine
11116-T 0.00270 hotmail profile search
11116-T 0.00270 ftpsearch
11116-T 0.00270 free public records searches
11116-T 0.00270 college major search
11116-T 0.00270 australian job search
11116-T 0.00270 24hournames com - directory search
13425 0.00240 yahoo! people search
13425-T 0.00240 yahoo search engine
13425-T 0.00240 search phone numbers
13425-T 0.00240 search gals
13425-T 0.00240 search com - sega genesis roms
13425-T 0.00240 search com - motorcycle trailer hitch
13425-T 0.00240 search by po box
13425-T 0.00240 orange county california apartment search
13425-T 0.00240 mysearchengines com - add a search engine to your website!
13425-T 0.00240 music search
13425-T 0.00240 metasearch
13425-T 0.00240 icq interest search
13425-T 0.00240 house home search
13425-T 0.00240 freelance search
13425-T 0.00240 free searchable newspaper archives
13425-T 0.00240 free public record search
13425-T 0.00240 apartment search
17074 0.00210 web search
17074-T 0.00210 social security number search
17074-T 0.00210 searchgals
17074-T 0.00210 search tips
17074-T 0.00210 search people in mexico
17074-T 0.00210 search for gay pictures
17074-T 0.00210 search engine ranking
17074-T 0.00210 search engine optimization
17074-T 0.00210 search com - el camino
17074-T 0.00210 reverse search phone number
17074-T 0.00210 people searches
17074-T 0.00210 new bpo research report
17074-T 0.00210 metacrawler results | search query welcome to my guestbook!
17074-T 0.00210 metacrawler results | search query vulvodynia guestbook nine
Copyright (C) Mar 17, 103 JVV
Reproduction without permission strictly PROHIBITED.

Percentage is based upon 3328 "search" related queries sampled.
Know anyone else who could use a copy of this table?

Questions and Answers

How do I get a better position on the search engines?
A: First, see which search phrase "cyber street" has more of your kind of traffic. See "
Zero Competition".

Q: How often do you sample
A: We sample about three to six million queries a week, two to four thousand queries a minute.

Q: Which engines do you poll
A: As many as we can. Want a free report? Tell us how to get a reliable public peephole for an engine we don't already poll, and we'll give you a custom subscription free.

Q: What about down time?
A: Engines may become unavailable from time to time, and some even recycle fake query pages. Our own down time averages less than an hour or two a week. That's because we are UNIX based, with machines that run for months without crashing.

Q: What variations do you find between the engines?
A:The top items on the larger general purpose engines are quite similar. Often, the more common words may be a few positions higher or lower in rank on the different engines. There are FAR more variations hour to hour and day to day, than between engines. After all, the nature of our preoccupations changes on daily, weekly, and seasonal cycles. Hot news items usually hit all the engines.

Q: Isn't that like playing the stock market?
A: YES!You are investing in a stock market of themes and words. Where are you going to get the information to make a wise investment? Subscribe!

Q: What are the Custom reports like?
A: Just like this "Search" report. Some specialty keywords may have less than 500 queries, while others have a lot. It just depends on the topic.

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    • offers consulting, reports, and other web promotion assistance. 408-705-2284

  • We Can Help

    Remember, just because a word or phrase is popular, does not mean it will bring a lot of hits, or that you even want the traffic it will bring! You need to focus on word groups and phrases that can give you favorable market share for your products. Aim to retain interested participants, not entertain those with nothing better to do. To get productive hits, learn what your customers are using in their search engine queries, the demographics of existing pages, and structure your web strategies around them. A good place to start, is looking in your logs for the queries that search engines bring to your site. See for more details on our log analysis services.

    We can help with:

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