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I Solve Problems, May I Solve Yours?
* How much difference in quality do you find in each of the phases of software development? In analysis, design, implementation, debugging, and maintenance? Some say a difference of ten to one in each phase is not unusual. As each phase influences the next, the effects multiply.
* Small wonder over 70% of the industry's projects never reach completion! American programmers discard over 20% of their code before use, and almost all of it after use on a single product. I believe we can do better!
* With odds like those, you want a person with professional consulting experience in all the phases of software development. A person who understands the cascading effect of one phase upon the next.
* I bring the rich perspective of experience ranging all the way from Analysis to Maintenance Enhancements, from resource rich mainframe computers to byte tight microcomputers with under a hundred bytes of RAM, from the nitty gritty of Assembler language to the generality of multi-platform UNIX shell scripting.
* It is this rich perspective which has enabled me to perform the unexpected:
* Condensed a 140,000 line project to under 4,000 lines for Adaptec

* Replaced half a year's work with two weeks of effort for Santa Clara County
* Automated software Q/A code generation, reducing labor needs over 4700% for IBM
* Invented a hypertext browser in 1982, long before Hypercard or The Web! SGC

Quick Access Table

Applications Languages Systems Clients
  • IRIX
  • UNIX
  • Windows
  • PC-DOS
  • Vax/VMS
  • VM/CMS
  • Firmware
  • HP
  • IBM
  • ITT
  • NASA
  • Ricoh
  • Syntex

Over Twenty Years of Consulting Experience

  • Systems Analyst -- Applications, Databases
  • Database Architect
  • Software Engineer -- Applications, Firmware
  • Software Linguist
    • Experienced in over 25 languages
    • Software Linguistics research project for IBM
  • Webmaster
  • Researcher -- Productivity and Human Factors
  • Inventor -- Hypertext Access Method
  • Photographer -- Industrial, Technical, and Web
  • Webmaster -- www.Mall-Net.com and complex cgi-bin web games
  • Author

Writing Samples:

For a full resume, please E-mail jv@mall-net.com

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