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What is Wilson's Syndrome?

(Danish version: Hvad er Wilsons syndrom?)

Wilson's Syndrome is chronic low body temperature. It may be genetic, or triggered by stress or inactivity, as well as diet and starvation. It seems to be part of the body's way to conserve fuel. After all, till our rather recent successes in agriculture, humanity spent hundreds of thousands of years running short of food in the wintertime. Perhaps it is part of a vestigial mammalian hibernation system. It may also be related to the mammalian diving reflex, wherein a diver (without air tanks,) cuts back his oxygen consumption to extend his stay underwater while looking for fish or shellfish. It is also related to the slowing of metabolism which occurs during meditation. We all have some degree of these abilities as part of our legacy as mammals, and as humans.

The difficulty is that if these low metabolism conditions run too long, various repair functions and such are deferred too long, and the body begins to show signs of not keeping up on these repairs. For every degree of body temperature lost, biochemists say the loss in efficiency of enzymatic processes can be up to about 20%. On the other hand, our body temperature probably has to fluctuate to some extent, as it is unlikely that all of our enzymatic processes just happen to be at peak efficiency at 98.6 F, (37.0 C) or whatever normal body temperature is supposed to be. (Dr. Fahrenheit pegged body temperature at 100F. Some say the present average is 98.2.) After all, many of the fundamental enzyme processes on the chart of biochemical pathways are the same for everything from monkeys (105F) to reptiles, and some are even shared by bacteria. So we may need some temperature swings to optimize different processes. But it is also said that the highest death rates occur about 4 - 6 am, when our body temperature falls the lowest.

The Wilson's treatment protocol has one ramping the thyroid dose up and down till the body "latches up", or recognizes that it should run at a more normal temperature. A after that, the supplements are permanently withdrawn. You are trying to change the "stance", the running habits of the body, trying to teach the body to run at a higher core temperature. The "stance" is a mix of how we deal with the world, and what our biochemical limitations are. That "latching up", is not just biochemical, it is also a latching up due to changes in our habits.

My problem is that when I get near 98.6, I am too optimistic and too active to do the kinds of deep software work that is my profession. So I am experimenting with other, less permanent, (and often off-beat,) ways of regulating body temperature.

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