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Techno Pollution

Some have complained that technology is the problem. To them I say:

Excuse me? Are we still to urinate and defecate in pottery in our own rooms, to be taken and dumped in our front lawn on the morning? Or die like flies of diseases like cholera and typhus, spread by unpurified water and the insects and rodents crawling in the open sewers and horse droppings as in the 1700's and 1800's?


Technology may have given many of us personal bad shakes; but it is one damned sight better than living in caves, huddled in fear from whatever roamed the night, or fearing the "Wrath of the Gods" was upon us for our being ill! Those who understand causes, are far less afraid to change their surroundings to their own benefit, to take the steps needed to heal themselves and help others!

I'd rather die in my fifties from technology, than in my twenties from an infected wound caused when that animal I was chasing to feed my family turned and took a swipe at me.

I'd rather die in my sixties of pesticide related problems, than before my teens from malaria, bedbugs, lice, rodent bites, or any of the other hoards of disease vectors we've done away with due to our pesticide and petrochemical industries.

And if you think that AIDS is a problem now, think of what it would be with the lice and bedbugs rampant as they were in the 1800's!

I'd rather be able to read and live at least a partially productive life thanks to the optical technology which gave me glasses, photography, lithography, and the other "older" paper oriented ways of spreading information and wisdom through this world, than put up with the ignorance of those old days.

And then there is the camaraderie we have on this cutting edge of technology called The Internet and The World Wide Web! Oh, had I but had this in 1985, when I faced bleak isolation of MCS at home!!!

If we are dying of our technology, then we are dying later in life than we would have died without it. We are living far more comfortable, and Vastly more Interesting lives than my parents remember from their own childhood!

A Purpose to our Suffering

Yes, our suffering does have a purpose; we are suffering so that others, and ourselves as well, may live longer and better lives.

No, it is NOT fair that we are on the bottom; but would it be any more fair if more died for the lack of technology, medicine and food?

How can you know that YOU might not be one of those who died at a much younger age than you have attained in this life, for the lack of medicine, food, and shelter that technology has brought us? How many of us would not be here now, had it not been for the food, medicine, and transportation that allowed our parents to survive, meet, and bear us?

Our technology may indeed be a pile of troublesome crap; but it is less troublesome crap than the crap that filled the streets and spoiled our food in the days of yore!

It is our Job to Guide Industry

It is our job, yours and mine, to help guide those who make our technologies, to encourage them to be gentle upon us and the world as they make our tomorrows. We must do this with letters, e-mail, and most of all, the simple everyday act of talking with our friends about what we like, and dislike -- by encourage us all to vote intelligently and responsibly with our hard earned dollars in the marketplace.

We Vote with our Dollars Every Day.
Vote Wisely.

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