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Anyone out there "Hurt all over", have short term memory loss, limited concentration, depression, etc??? This is my first attempt to connect with someone on the Internet.

What a contrast my life has been! Top of the Morning to you all! (all right, so it's probably evening for some of you by now.)

That aching all over feeling, arthritis gnawing at my joints, along with full blown, gas mask Environmental Illness was some of what I had ten years ago, before I started taking massive quantities of vitamin C. Niacin helps a lot too. These are natural things you body needs to DEAL with the stress of infection, chemical exposure, stress, etc. They are priceless COPING strategies. But coping is not enough; YOU want MORE! For that, you need to get ALL the pieces right.

No amount of allergy drugs will handle the FUNDAMENTAL causes of your problems. Most allergies are triggered by a few common factors:

When confronted with one or more of these, sooner or later, the body is overwhelmed, and "snaps", running body chemistry out of balance, and causing brain effects like depression, confusion, and low body temperature.

While I am not a doctor, I believe part of the continued problems are caused by the body dropping it's temperature as metabolic processes are hindered, and then keeping it lower than normal even after the threat has passed. Dr. Wilson, in his book "Wilson's Syndrome", points out that low body temperature reduces the effectiveness of the biochemical pathways used to detoxify every day chemicals, as well as slowing other pathways needed in the repair of everyday wear and tear on the body. As the backlog and deferred maintenance accumulates, many of us begin to suffer more and more symptoms of allergies, CFS, MCS and chronic degenerative diseases. (See also the coldbody page for a lot of references and observations.)

You've got to fix ALL the pieces to let the body HEAL ITSELF.

Step One -- Coping

The Right Nutrition

The right balance of vitamins and minerals will help restore the fundamental balance of the body, help the body cope with any infections, various stressors, and help it heal itself. BUT those infections do have to be uncovered and treated properly, or they will continue wreaking havoc for the rest of your life. Often there are secondary infections like Candida Albecans, which tends to run amuck whenever the immune system is otherwise occupied. That too has to be dealt with.

Clean Out Toxics

Also, you will have to deal with chronic toxic exposures. Yes, that new carpeting or new furniture, or whatever, that may have triggered your problem will have to be replaced by something less chemically offensive. Or you may have to change where you work if you have a sick building problem.

(Do it BEFORE it ruins your health! No matter what the losses! You can't work if your body is sick! And it's only going to get worse as long as that stress is there!)

Body Temperature

And finally, AFTER those vital matters are dealt with, it is a matter of getting the body to the right "stance" with respect to temperature. I've dealt with the others long ago, but that was not enough. Body temperature is what I am working on with myself right now.

Thermal "stance" is related to a kind of "how you run your body" control settings engrained deep within your core being. Do you tense up when troubles come your way> Hunker down? Withdraw? Or just become very still and concerned? Then you may be lowering your body temperature.

For some like me, raising the body temperature can be LEARNED quite easily, without the hormone pills described in the book "Wilson's Syndrome". And that can make all the difference in the world!!! Dr. Wilson hit it on the head, though he used a sledge hammer instead of a furniture maker's hammer. (He did use it gently, though.) Learning the right thermal stance is a matter of experiencing it, and the simple biofeedback of measuring your body temperature every hour to learn how the temperatures feel and where you are with respect to where you want to be.

(To experience higher body temperatures, I used an occasional dose of red hot "Cayenne" pepper in my food.)

Then it is "simply" a matter of mentally "setting the controls" of your body to feel that way.

  • Relax!
  • Want to feel "Open" and Warm
  • Remember what it felt like to be warm inside.
  • Imagine yourself feeling that way again.
  • Step in to that feeling in your mind.

(It has absolutely NOTHING to do with words, affirmations, or that kind of "stuff". You get the knack after a while. Its just a habit you learn.)

I am running at 98.7 much of the time when active, and trim myself to about 97.8 - 98.2 when programming, which is where _MY_ programming talent works best. (I get too dynamic at higher temperatures to sit still that long!) I am still learning the right habits. This is best done under the care of the right doctor, though not many know how to do this yet. Doc is learning how. I think I just blew his theories with my attitude of "Buddhist monks have done this for ages! Why do I need hormone pills for this???" Now that I know what it is!!! I've found that all it took _me_, is a little bit of biofeedback on _CORE_ body temperature. Hand temperature does not count, that is regulated by regulating peripheral circulation, not core body temperature.

Different body temperatures seem best for different enzyme processes, and different kinds of things you are doing. At the right temperatures, you just begin to love doing the right things! It seems that you need to cycle that body temperature through the "temperature tides" in synchronization with your daily activities. That's what I am learning to do now, and let me tell you, it is wonderful when I am running in sync with MY tides! (Not that my tides are anything like regular... but I am learning how to influence that too!)

PostScript: There are limitations to these techniques, and while I have had a lot of good days, the requirement for continued monitoring does have disadvantages. The above was written on an exceptional good body temperature day, a day which did not support good programming abilities. It seems difficult for me to strike a good balance between the narrow range of lower body temperature needed for my peak professional work, and the higher range needed for peak health and activity. After all, I have had this since at least age five, and seems deeply ingrained in my brain structure. Changing body temperature changes the way one thinks. See the Subjective Temperature Scale in The Coldbody Page

The Automobile Analogy

You Need ALL the pieces

Trimming brain chemistry, either with foods, sounds, lights, drugs or diet; without resolving the other problems that caused it all, just does not work! I know, I've been trying that with various vitamins and supplements, as well as diet and whatever else my research turned up, on and off for ten years. It may help; it may even be essential for some like me! BUT... diet, drugs, and supplements, etc. do NOT address the FUNDAMENTAL problems. It's like disconnecting the gas gage and oil warning light in your car because they are giving you unpleasant information; rather than seeing to it that there is plenty of gas in the tank and FRESH oil in the engine, lubricating and protecting it from the wear and tear of life.

Body Temperature -- The Gas Pedal

Body temperature is like the speed your engine rev's at. You've got a gas pedal in there, and if the cruise control does not work, you have to learn to use the gas pedal yourself to control the body temperature spedometer! But if you don't have the gas in the tank (good diet,), or the oil in your engine (vitamins, oils, and minerals,), you are not long for the road. Sooner or later, you'll be hearing that engine knock and sputter, (allergies, arthritis, brain fog,) and see it pouring out black smoke (bad mood, bad temper, hyperactivity) and polluting the lives of all those around you. You need to have that engine tuned, good oil put in, learn to use the right gasoline and drive it right. Remember: Your Body is one vehicle you can't replace that easily! (See also A Subjective Temperature Scale.)

Our family routinely gets Over 150,000 fine driving miles from our cars, simply because we treat them right! Do you want 120+ fine living years from your body?

If you do, then take the first step! Get that body tuned by a fine orthomolecular professional. Get the gunk out of your engine that's making you sick before you pay for all the wrong drugs, doo-dad's and nostrums that don't increase your Long Term Survivability! Don't let them put sawdust in your crankcase or high viscosity oil and that "Instant Emissions Pass" gick in your engine. That's only good for a couple of thousand miles, it isn't going to help you lead a long comfortable life!

Long Term Maintenance -- Not Patches

Many of the drugs out there do cause serious long term damage -- ASK your doctor about that! Those contemplating Phen/Fen (Phentermine and Fenfluramine) treatments should note Fen/Phen are both HIGHLY addictive, and can cause Very Serious problems -- Even Psychotic Episodes(!) with long term use or discontinuation according to the Nurses Drug Reference and Physician's Desk Reference. Many of the inhalers and steroids cause other LONG TERM DAMAGE to your body. Now, you may need some of those things in the short run, but try to find a way off those things! You want a LONG and Comfortable Life!

Orthomolecular Mechanics

Go see an orthomolecular specialist, someone who deals in the gremlins AND the biochemical pathways of life, like Dr. Cathcart. Orthomolecular medicine is Functional Medicine, not Aliopathic (symptom treatment) medicine. Treat the causes, and the symptoms will heal and disappear!


Check out The Arthritis Fund, (NOT the pain killer touting Arthritis Foundation,) and read a few good books like:
"The Yeast Syndrome"
by Drs. Trowbridge and Walker. Excellent on dietary rotation and many other techniques.
"The Yeast Connection and the Woman"
Dr, Crook. One of a series of his Yeast Connection books. This as a compendium of yest causes and treatments.
"The Wilson Syndrome"
Dr. Wilson, on how low body temperature can cause many long term skin, joint, and immune diseases. And how this can be reset. See also our pages on Wilson's Syndrome and The Coldbody Page.
"The Arthritis Breakthrough"
by Henry Scammell and Thomas McPherson Brown, M.D.
Then go web surfing at the www.mall-net.com web sites below. There's lots of URL's to those kinds of places at Mall-Net.

The books and doctors are only guides, YOU will have to take the first step. That first step is to start a diary of Foods, Feelings, and Faculties. And let me tell you, those steps get a LOT easier as you move down the path to tuning up YOUR OWN body for the life YOU want to lead!

(Don't you KNOW that I am feeling on top of the morning today! Night owl recluse me! I've been up since 6:30(!!! -- no alarm!!!) this morning, whistling, singing, meeting people and having a great time! The tides of my life are lining up! It's like a new life! And it's Grand!)

(Yes, I am having trouble believing it, and I am living it! I feel better now, than after a set of two IV bottles with 120+ grams vitamin C and Chelation! It's just a matter of getting ALL the pieces right!)

Post Script. No, I am not always up and at them as I was that morning. I still have bad days now and then; and yes, there are times when I fear for the future or think that I can't do this or that. But with all these things that I am doing, the bad days are fewer and fewer in between. Most say I am reasonably healthy. Quite a change compared to the 80 percent dead person in a gas mask and wheelchair that came out here in back in 1986.

CAUTION: I'm no doctor, I only tell computers what to do.
Nothing in this document should be construed as medical advice.
My opinions are subject to the availability of information.
I learn new things each day, and so may change my opinions.
 Dr. Cathcart / Vit C. 

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