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Ever listen to Australian Bushmen play their Digery Do? Ever listen to some of Lowel Thomas's or National Geographics specials on primitive people? Nothing new folks, Shamen, witch doctors, and various religions have been using drum beats in the 5 to 8 beats per second range for thousands of years as part of various spring and healing rituals. As well as lower components to produce trance like states, etc. etc. This is spiritual stuff designed to "light that lamp" within you after Winters starvation. That "lamp" is your metabolism. Yes, this goes right to religious spiritual stuff; but you probably CAN learn to "light" it yourself without the mumbo jumbo. After all, Wilson's cyclical thyroid treatments address the same thing -- teach the body to keep the temperature up after the treatment is discontinued.

A FREE technique which I have had some success with, is IMAGINING myself drumming on a drum in that frequency range, trying to feel my muscles, hear the imaginary beat, etc. etc. This pulls together a rather comprehensive set of pathways and centers within the brain to simulate the sounds, and thereby feeds the signal to much of the rest of the brain. One might start with a metranome at 7 beats per second, then try to boost one's "inner drumming" upwards to see how fast one can imagine it. Or take out the old wooden mixing spoons or salad spoons and the cookie tray. (No, I didn't say that...)

My greatest problem is trying to imagine the drumming of both hands comming out even. My mind slips now and then, delaying a beat or making the beat louder, etc. Come to think of it, that slip is probably a collision between two frequencies, the drumming frequency and the slower Delta brain waves many chronicly ill people are said to have too much of.

Books and such:

  • Hutchinson, "Mega Brain Power"
  • Anna Wise, "The High Performance Mind"
  • Tape: "The High Performance Mind Brainwave Development Frequencies and Music", 800-456-9887
  • Healy, "Endangered Minds" (About kids and learning. EVERY parent should read this book!)


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