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Healing and Belief

Do I Deserve to Heal?

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Regardless of the names and forms we attribute to Our Mutual Creatorial Agency, the sense of decency and worthiness of life is a common thread to most religions.

You have to believe that YOU were given life because Our Mutual Creatorial Agency loves LIFE, and created your soul because He/She/They/It believe in YOU enough to give you that gift of life that you may enjoy your own existence, and if you can, to see what YOU can make of YOURSELF!

You see, It does not mater whether you believe in the Creator. It really doesn't. Your belief is totally irrelevant! The philosophical point is that if you exist, Our Mutual Creatorial Agency believes in YOU! And Believes in YOU enough that YOU have been given Carte Blance permission to think, reason, and DO what YOU CAN DO!

Proof, you ask? Why? Is it not obvious?

Aside that fact that I exist, I can kill anyone I want to.


YES! Our creator trusts us enough that we all have the mental and physical ability to take other lives and snuff them out. Just because it happens to be illegal, immoral, and unethical, (though probably not fattening,) not to mention having a Very Serious impact on your own life, karma, and the people around you, is irrelevant. People still do, on rare occasion, kill each other. I know several people who did kill others in the course of several wars, and even had that tried on me a few times.

I have a deep spiritual respect for life, that I choose not to take other lives, at least not the lives of semi-sentient beings. Each of us on this lists, has the depth of spirituality that WE RESPECT LIFE and choose to HELP other life, and encourage others in their own personal trials and travails.

That is a rather awesome Faith, BELIEF, that Our Mutual Creator has invested IN EACH OF US, isn't it? Our Creator has given us the power to wreak creation, and has faith that we are wholesome enough inside that we won't.

Maybe then, we can believe a little in ourselves...

Maybe then, we can let go of some of those feelings of tension, fear, and stress...

Maybe then, we can let ourselves feel a little of that feeling of warmth on our spine from above.

Then you look at what we, the greedy, spineless, gluttonous, Ugly Americans (and others,) have built; and compare it to what other fine spiritual people in Bosnia, Beruit, Northern Ireland, and similar place have done with their spirituality and religious faith!

(Yes, there are many GOOD people there. But... how many? And what of their common folk? Do they not share some responsibility for following those leaders? Not all follow... But enough do that those people are called leaders.)

I say we, you and I, stack up pretty darned well!!!

I say we, YOU AND I, have EARNED that FAITH our CREATOR places in each of US!!!

WE have EARNED that right to HEAL! EARNED that right to LET GO, and LET our bodies HEAL! And the RIGHT to take ACTIVE participation in that healing process. Healing is not something somebody does TO you. YOU, yes YOU, have to take responsibility for managing that healing process, to judge the interests and abilities of the doctors whom you see, and the things you do and take.

(That's why I keep harping that you need that Foods, Feelings, Faculties diary... It's another one of your tools to help yourself heal. If you don't have one, you are not trying! Human memory, even at it's best, is not THAT good!)

You have the ability to let go of your stresses, and see yourself healing. And as you do that over and over again, more of you, your powers of reasoning, observation, and action, as well as other innate healing powers, will come to bear on your health problems.

Think about this a few minutes each day. The Creator of this Universe believes in YOU!!! And what are you doing to justify that belief? What are you doing with that gift of life given to you?

Go outside in the night. Look up at the stars in the sky. That which created all you can see in the firmament, believes in YOU; believes in YOUR INNATE GOODNESS, in YOUR ability to PREVAIL, in this life, and all the other lives you shall live.

Live beyond your body. Spread that good will and happiness beyond the lump of flesh you call yourself, that you not miss it much when it ceases. For you are so much more.

Be... what you can be.

This is not medical advice, folks. These are the religious ravings of someone who thinks he has walked this earth many times before. If you follow these religious beliefs as though they were suggestions, you will be taking your life in your own hands!

See also Echo and if you don't quite find the path to it, (the page, that is,) Wisdom.


Copyright (C) 2004, JVV