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A mailing list for Independent Contract software professionals who work in the greater San Francisco Bay area.


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Subject: Bayleads Request
Tell us who you are and what you do.
We can host your resume here if you like, but... I have found that listing my resume openly merely attracts the less ethical fringe of the job shops who submit without asking, lowballing you and poisoning the work of other agents. Double submissions almost always result in both being thrown out. And sometimes, in both agencies and the contractor all being barred by the client for some time. (IBM use to do that at one point.)

To share a lead, whether you are on the list or not, send e-mail to
Subject: Baylead: ...
Tell us what you know. This can be a contract lead you have turned up while marketing yourself, or a lead you need to fill yourself if you are an employee of the company. Include the name of the manager at the company, and how to contact him directly, either via e-mail or phone. You may not collect a commission; but we'll be here for you when it is your turn to find your next contract.

For discussions on programming in the San Francisco Bay area send e-mail to
Tell us who you are and what you do.

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