Computatus Interruptus


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Torn high density ribbon cable dooms computer.

Actually, the hard drive controller of my favorite notebook machine died first, a terminal error pretty much dooming the machine. (And I often used this slow machine as a terminal to other, faster machines.)

During the course of retrieving the parts from the trash barrel for yet another try... the sharp edge of a hinge damaged long ago resulted in the final blow, as seen above. Photo of the two computers in better times, below. It's the Hitachi on the right. (Long discourse on this and some of my other computers)

The disk drive itself and all the data on it are ok. I am now back up running on a much faster machine. (Though not without other issues... including some odd problems accessing USB drives, camera, etc.; but I am able to get data from the camera again.)

Tomorrow, we start a series of photos from the seashore.

Hitachi computer (right) in better times.
Other devices include voltmeter, video display, and clock.

As they say, "A clean desk is a sign of a sick mind."
(Or a mind without enough to do.)

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