E-Mail Warning

We do not send e-mail with attachments. Period!

If you have received e-mails purporting to be from us regarding your account, they are fraudulent. If you receive e-mails from "staff", "support", "management", "administration", and sometimes "webmaster", they are fraudulent.

Most of these fraudulent e-mails include an attachment. Often the e-mail claims the attachment (or web site, or download site) to be an anti-virus package or "additional details." This is false. The item is a virus which will infect your computer when you open it. DO NOT OPEN IT! DO NOT EXECUTE IT

Any subscription services from Mall-Net now point to a web page containing NO executables.

We DO NOT send executables or attachments! Ever!
Nor do we accept them.

The internet is rapidly becoming a sewer of vandals, thieves, and con men. On the internet, or in the real world, they can only survive as long as there are people willing to ignore their deeds.

See The Spam FAQ.

-- Mall-Net Operations --