Global Warming

He who advances a theory, is the one who has to prove it.
Have they proved the theory of HUMAN caused global warming?
This, I seriously doubt.

This page dedicated to the memory of Michael Harper Best,
a genius chemical engineer who gave depth to my doubts about global warming.

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Apollo Astronaut says Climate Alarmism is the biggest fraud in Science.
George Will says Look at the real history of climate.
Are we in for another Little Ice Age?
Phil Jones, was forced to step down from his job due to Climategate.
Phil Jones, one of the key researchers for the IPCC and a key player of the climategate admits:
  • Maybe no warming since 1995 or 1998
  • Medieval Warming Period likely existed
  • Debate about Medieval Warming Period is real, no consensus.
  • If Med Warming was global, then AGW is not unprecedented (and not human caused)
  • 1910-1940 and 1970-1998 warmings may have natural explanations
  • References to sources of "hockey stick" data has been lost. scientist-centre-global-warming-email-row-admits-data-organised.html
That Hockey stick...
Seven recent papers disproving the hockey stick graph.
Just knowing the graph was created using pattern recognition software is enough! Talk about throwing out data points that don't agree with the theory, that is exactly what pattern matching is all about.
Ever notice how the "noise" suddenly changes in that chart? That alone raises major questions as to what changed in the data collection methods.
Hansen's predictions don't come true.
Medieval Warming Period looks real
CO2 levels not as high as millions of years ago.
A nice Warming / Cooling Chart
Global Warming Kills People!
Average European Death Toll from heat: 20,000
Average European Death Toll from Cold: 1,500,000 -- over 7 times as many!
Extremes in both directions kill. But which will take more lives, cooling or warming?
Source: National Post: ?id=d4b3016d-ecae-4f99-a685-44b01913e859
Globally, more temperature-attributable deaths tend to be caused by cold than by heat, according to a 2015 study published in the journal The Lancet. (A highly regarded medical journal)
A mere 1-degree Celsius reduction in temperature was associated with a cumulative 2% increased risk for heart attack, according to a 2010 study published in the British Medical Journal.
I have personally worked in 127 degree (F) temperatures with no ill effects. That said, I did drink a LOT of water, and it certainly wasn't that comfortable. This type of exposure was not uncommon for those stoking the boiler fires of the steam engines powering the river boats, trains, the industrial boilers of the 1800's and early 1900's, and the salt miners of Africa well into the mid 1900's.
Ocean Acidification by CO2 Destroys Coral Reefs!
Or maybe not. Lot's more at:
Human activities will bring another ice age!
In the 1960's, Scientists warned Nixon of the impending Human Caused ice age.
Just how big is the warming conspiracy?
I'd call it more of an orchestrated fraud partly centered on the UN and others hoping to cash in on the scam.
EPA is unified in belief in Warming?
A suppressed report by EPA scientists recently surfaced. In it EPA scientists warn the EPA will be held responsible for a lack of Scientific Vigor when the IPCC report and other climate warming reports are shown wrong. They point out:
  • The earth has been cooling since 1998 despite rising CO2 emissions
  • Hurricane behavior is not worse from warming as predicted.
  • Water vapor decreases warming, not increases it as IPCC reported
  • Solar variability accounts for over 68% of warming
  • Existing mathematical climate models (IPCC, etc.) are increasingly at variance with obesrved reality.
  • Research shows Greenland is unlikely to shed the massive amounts of ice predicted even if warming were to continue. (Hence predictions of ocean rise are overstated.)

These EPA scientists predict cooling will continue to at least 2030, and call for more studies before we commit to damaging our economic system with carbon rationing and other measures which may have no effect on climate change.
The Report:
Local archive of above: epawarn.pdf
CBS NEWS: EPA Politics
Climate Models Predict...
A study in Nature Geoscience, found that climate models explain only about half of the heating that occurred during the Palaeocene-Eocene thermal maximum (PETM) about 55 million years ago, a well-documented period of rapid global warming in Earth's ancient past.
"In a nutshell, theoretical models cannot explain what we observe in the geological record," said oceanographer Gerald Dickens, a co-author of the study and professor of Earth science at Rice University. "There appears to be something fundamentally wrong with the way temperature and carbon are linked in [today's] climate models."
Climage models overstate global warming effects; soil CO2 release models wrong, overstate CO2 release. Soils release ten times the CO2 that people do.
Michael Crichton
Crichton is a well read author of popular scientific novels (Andromeda Strain, Jurassic Park, Terminal Man, etc.) and TV shows (ER) with a medical bent. He has several advanced degrees, is a guest lecturer on Physical Anthropology, etc. Not a simple author! I urge you to read and THINK about his lectures.
Lecture: Our Environmental Future Oops, Apparently removed by is heirs as too controversial, but still available at: )
More interesting lectures, notes and thoughts at
Environmentalists Predict Disaster
Well, they always do. We wouldn't listen to them if they didn't, would we? And we would not feel the need to fund their research.
The Track Record of environmentalist's predictions is not that good. entalists_wild_predictions
New York Times Editorial
Global Warming overblown by "Availability Entrepreneurs" who blame natural cyclical changes on "Global Warming".
Blogs /weather-alarmism-as-a-noble-strategy/
The Deniers
Just who are the deniers? Lawrence Solomon, a noted Canadian environmentalist, started out to pillory the deniers, entering "an Alice in Wonderland world where things turn out not to be quite the way they seem." The "Deniers", he wrote, tend to have the strongest academic backgrounds, not the weakest; and the stronger evidence. He decries that the warming theory advocates and their supporters refuse to participate in true scientific discourse with those who question the human caused warming theory.
The book is finally in print, and I certainly found it interesting!

CO2 half life? Most studies place it at 5 - 10 years, not 100, or the thousands that some claim..
Amazon: The Deniers
The 2008 Heat Wave?
Winter weather is unusually cold across much of the Northern Hemisphere.
Sunspot cycle minimum, long time without sunspots.
NewsMax summary
The IPCC and Scientific Laws ?xml=/news/2006/11/05/nosplit/nwarm05.xml
Global Warming? (Scroll down to letter below links)
Greenpeace unhappy with IPCC "science"
Natural Warming ?year=2007&month=08
Milankovitch and Orbital Forcing: The earth's orbital dynamics have several cycles, each of which influence the earth's climate. There is nothing we can do to alter these cycles.
Magnetic and other solar dynamics have major influence on climate. -
Google search:
Solar Dynamics
Natural Oscilation in Ocean Currents? mg19826564.400-life-feels-the-effects- of-a-changing-climate.html
The Greenland Icecap is Melting?
With all this warming since 1940's, The Lost Squadron, a set of aircraft which crash landed on the Greenland Ice cap is now more than 250 feet under the ice. ?pbid=4&msa=1&pgid=8517612
Greenland has cooled 2.25 C since they landed!
There were substantial birch forests and native populations in Eric the Red's time, before The Little Ice Age.
Today, Greenland supports only about 57,000 people.
Do note the depth issue is a hot topic of contention between scientists and creationists; some creationists insisting it "proves" that either the aircraft are over 2,700 years old, or that ice core data is not valid. Real scientists have other explanations.
The Maya, Anasazi and Amerinds,
Victims of Global Warming?
Before the little ice age, the Great Plains were the Great Meadowlands with tree cover, brush, and plentiful game for the American Indians to catch and eat.
The decline and fall of the Anasazi and Maya came at the end of the Medieval Climeate Optimum, aka Medieval Warm Period.
Medieval Warm Period
Note: Wikipedia text was changed to discount global effects and now uses chart based on the discredited hockey stick.
England was a major wine producer during the Medieval Warm Period.
Oak trees grew 800 miles further north of where they can grow today.
The Andes mountains were not covered by glaciers as they are today.
Cited Michael Mann and his hockey stick are discredited.
The Little Ice Age
The cold weather of The Little Ice Age was around till 1850
The Czech President's View
Vaklav Klaus, a trained economist now President of the Czech Republic, asks what is endangered, climate or freedom?
Book Review
An Eminent Polish Doctor's View
Global temperatures have been falling since 2002. He is "somewhat" critical of those who foment global warming hysteria. Complete with NASA charts, etc.
Where does CO2 go during the Ice Ages?
The solubility of CO2 in water decreases as it warms.
If CO2 causes warming, and CO2 is released by the seas as they warm...
So... How does CO2 get back into the sea when the sea is hot?
Something else overpowers the "CO2 effect" to cool the seas enough to reabsorb the CO2.
Recent solar models suggest it is the variability of the sun itself.
In fact, much research shows that CO2 lags warming and cooling by hundreds of years.
A lagging indicator can not be a causative factor. At least not in this universe.
Qualified educated deduction: CO2 is not THE cause global warming.
Which carbon cycle holds the most carbon?
The carbonate cycle in which CO2 falls as Calcium Carbonate to the ocean floor, is subducted, and then released by vulcanism. Over 75 percent of the carbon in the atmosphtere has come from this cycle, which is believed to have strong perturbations in the long run.
There was substantially more CO2 available during the early evolution of plants. Rubisco, a key conversion enzyme plants use to convert CO2 to sugars is not very efficient.
Grasses evolved due to lower CO2 levels predominating starting about 1.3 million years ago. Till then, there was enough CO2 for the less efficient shrubs and trees to out do the grasses.
Some greenhouses run CO2 generators to boost plant growth. Two of many examples:
Who funds Real Climate .org?
Exxon-Mobil via the Tides foundation.
Al Gore's campaign staff member owns Real Climate
Al Gore is trying to set up a carbon offset trading organization. Likely to be quite profitable.
Note the connections between the people and locations in the links below, particlularly in the claims of effectiveness, etc.
Note address of Real Climate / EMS, and Fenton is the same.
Fenton Communications as part of EMS rview.cfm/oid/110
Fenton as part of Tides, includes Al Gore's press secretary.
More about Fenton Funding
IPCC Report on Climate Change
The IPCC does not monitor climate change, nor carry out research. It's only function is to produce reports relevant to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. In other words, to support the convention with appropriate paperwork.
Note how they repeatedly say that they are not concerned about any non-human CO2 sources.
Note how they do not know, and are not concerned about what happens to CO2 during the glacial phase of the cycle.
IPCC Report
US Senate Report
There is no consensus.
Hundreds of scientists disagree that human activities are the cause of global warming
Other Voices
It's not CO2
Other scientists question warming -- CO2 helps plants grow!
The Sky is NOT Falling
The Deniers, Lawrence Solomon ?AID=/20080506/EDITORIAL/404827900
We Need Alternative Energy!
Civilization runs on energy.
Our comfort, heating and cooling require energy.
Our industrial society requires energy.
We NEED to develop alternative energy sources.
Someday, someone will find a better source of energy!
We just have to keep looking. That is our highest responsibility to ourselves, to our nation, to civilization itself!!!
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