TabTalk Demo

What Is TabTalk?

Tab-Talk is a simple hypertext system featuring three-key command of a viewscreen. It is a hypertext word processor system / menu generator that customizes your computer to work the way you do.

The basic technology can be added to any number of software poducts to make them extremely user friendly and turn many of the users into advocates of your products. This Quick Outline reveals the key principles.

The demo product was named TabTalk because you "talk" to the computer using the TAB key to select things, textual icons, and do them or use them by tapping the ENTER key.

Nearly everyone who heard the name TabTalk, said it was silly; but almost everyone who's fingers quickly learned the simple interface later insisted that it really is TabTalk, and no other name applies.

How to Install

Technology Lecture

Once you have tried the demo, contains additional screens the implementation of Tabtalk Technology within existing products.
Or look at some of it on-line: Base Lecture

Additional Information

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