Jimmy Stewart, We Miss You!

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I am not a sentimental person, and I was not a mindless fan of Jimmy Stewart; he was not my idol or hero, nor did I see many of his 80 or so movies. But to me, He just represented Very Well the kinds of values and things I liked to do. And more, he showed us the kind of decent moral characters we could become, if we but put a sense of values before a desire to be well thought of. So to me, I guess deep inside, I felt he was family, even though I didn't quite recognize it till he died. I cried more for him, than I did for my own Grandfather. (Perhaps I was ready for Grandpa's death...)

I'm not much for watching movies or TV, but I did see a few of his:

  • "You Can't Take It With You" + (B&W TV)
  • "Bell, Book, and Candle" Love is stronger than witchcraft
  • "Harvey" + Who can forget Harvey!
  • "Cheyenne Social Club" -
  • "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" (part, B&W TV)
  • Metalurgist with tail falling off airplane (B&W TV) +++
  • Pilot owning part of airline (part, B&W TV) +
  • Rear Window (?) (part, B&W TV)
  • It's a Wonderful Life (part, TV) Not his greatest role, I think...
  • "The Greatest Show on Earth"
  • "How the West Was Won"
  • "The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance" (TV)
  • "Flight of the Phoenix", +++ Model builder who re-designs and helps re-build a wreaked airplane in a desert
  • Cowboy movie about a lynching (Intersting thing about Values)
  • Special about his life with Jonny Carson (part)

I guess the roles I really liked were those where Jimmy was just a bit nerdish. Not anti-social nerdish; but kind of the quiet technical guy who believes in what he knows despite social pressure. So maybe, in a way, he inspired a lot of us technical guys to keep going when peer pressure and "common knowledge" was against us, and so to invent a lot of the technical things we take for granted. He was the quiet man's hero.

A lot of people are feeling Jimmy Stewart echoing in their memories. He was one Decent Man. He must have been in hell the last three years with the love of his life gone. I think he was ready for that journey, as much as one can be ready. (I can almost hear him say "L-llet me tell you, NO One is ever Really ready f-for THAT Journey!")

Rest in piece, Jimmy, we all love you very, very much! You helped build The American Spirit and Culture through your movies, and your deeds. And in those, you represented the best of each of us, inspiring us to be the decent quiet people we could be. For that, we thank you!

I did not really have role models or heros when I grew up, but I felt the quiet intelligence in the sound of your voice, and the roles I saw you play. You seemed to be kind of an Uncle who could Reason things out, even when others were just not using their heads; an Uncle whom I could trust to Think, and to tell the Truth, for you knew that we had to have the truth in order to do intelligent things. What is more, you were someone who showed me it was ok to be the quiet, intelligent guy I am. That is how I always remembered you, and always will remember you. Thank you, Jimmy. And Bon Voyage, where ever you go.

Many of us feel that existence does not end with death. I won't read the Tibetan "Book of the Dead" to you for 29 days, as is their custom; but I think you get the general idea. Now comes the time to decide whether to give this game called life another roll. There are many who would love to have you as their child. And maybe, if things line up again with the right people along the path, and if you really want to do it again, as an actor portraying the common decent man, again. Or maybe, playing out the theme of your roles by rising to do uncommon things. We needed you then, and we certainly need the likes of you and Capra again.

Thank you, Jimmy,
You ARE an Incredible Inspiration
To us all!
And will ever be such!

- javilk@mall-net.com -

You know, I kind of wonder if people will see him, the way some see Elvis pop up here and there. I kind of think so; but doubt many will report it; because they are, like the roles he portrayed, are the backbone of our nation, those quiet people puzzling out how to defend our values, and build our tomorrows. But they just don't talk about things like this.

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What qualities did you see in him that encouraged or inspired you?

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