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What is Zeolite

Zeolite is an inorganic porous material having a highly regular structure of pores and chambers that allows some molecules to pass through, and causes others to be either excluded, or broken down. It is in many ways, the inorganic equivalent of organic enzymes, many of which also have specific sized chambers that trap chemicals within our bodies, holding them where they either break down, or react with specific chemicals.

What a zeolite does, and how it does it, depends upon the exact shape, size, and charge distribution of the lattice structure of the zeolite. There are hundreds of different zeolites found in nature and made by man.

How is Zeolite Formed?

In nature, zeolites are often formed where volcanic rock of specific chemical composition is immersed in water so as to leach away some of the components. Composition and pore size, of course, depend upon what kind of rock minerals are involved.

Industry has mimicked some of the natural zeolites, and formed many new ones targeted towards very specific purposes. Many of these are used in the petrochemical industry to "crack", or break down various raw materials to form specific chemicals like gasoline. Other zeolites of this kind are used to break down odors at home and at work. Some can be purchased through the links below.

Others are used as simple molecular sives, separating ozygen, argon, nitrogen, and other components of air. Linde and Airco are two well known corporations using zeolites to extract and purify industrial gases.

Most of these corporations are involved in active research regarding the formulation and use of zeolites.

Intro to Molecular Sieves - Chapter 2: Zeolite Nomenclature The word 'zeolite' is Greek in origin and means 'boiling stones' as natural zeolites visibly lose water when heated. Today the word, as strictly defined,..

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