Super Loo Reen Algae?

Eat Saur Kraut, it's Good for You!

The algae article was removed under threat of extreme legal action from the source in their state court, not Federal court where freedom of speech issues would be more openly dealth with.

I thought it was kind of cheezy for them to attack the writer and the space provider instead of going after the authors of all the scientific articles that were quoted; but I guess the lawyers figured the universities and others would fight back. So they went after small fish like us any anyone else posting about loo reen algae in the USA and Australia, and maybe elsewhere, threatening us with thousands upon thousands of dollars of "economic damages"; but not enough that it would be a Federal case, just an Oragano State case.

Oprah may have had $4 million to defend herself in court against the cattle barons who sued her for what she said about Beef and prions, but I am not that rich, so the author and I took the articles down.

Aas for eating that stuff, I tried it long ago and felt like someone turned the lights out on me. But then, I have a LOT of allergies, so it may have been just me.

Like I say, eat saur kraut, it's good for you!


Et tu, Brute?