Technical Note on Images

And a Survey

We note that many browsers seem to have difficulties down-loading images. The reason appears to be what is at the end of the URL. (That's the http://www thingus behind what you click on, which also appears in the long dark area at the top of your screen.) At the end of the URL that brought you to the screen with the broken images, there is sometimes a trailing slash after the ".html".

That's a mistake. Unless, that is, you are deliberately trying to speed up load times by canceling the images. Are you? Yes, bypass No... didn't know I only clicked on some button.

Is it because you find downloading images takes too long?
Yes Yes, Much too long! No
Because if you think it IS too long, we might do something about it.

If you just want to bypass the images, the "OPTIONS" menu on your browser should let you re-configure it so that it will ask if you want images, or simply ignore them. Of course, you could use LYNX, but that doesn't do the type fonts.

What Happens[Bomb Image, fuse

If the url ends in a "/", it indicates to the server, (where all the text and images are stored,) that it should send you the existing index file for that subdirectory, or create a new index file for you if one does not exist.

BUT if the slash is at the end of an ."html/" (or ",htm") file, which is a TEXT file, then your browser incorrectly assumes that the file is a subdirectory, and that the images will be in that subdirectory. So when it sends the server a request for the images from, say ".../hot/index.html/" it will send for, say ".../hot/index.html/cath75.gif", and the server at Mall-Net finds that index.html is not a directory, and so it sends back a "500" level error code to your browser. (Totally wacko request.)

[Torn Page Image] When your browser gets the message there is no such image, it then uses that lumpy image of a torn photo or a photo of a question mark instead. The server also gives us an error report in our logs, and when this happens over and over, we wonder if someone has bad URL's pointing to us, or if we screwed up someplace.

If you did use a URL that had the slash on the end, would you please tell use where it was.

[Magnifying Glass Image] When we get lots of errors in our logs, we send our technicians out with their webbometers and linkometers and other things we can't pronounce. They go crawling up and down all the wires and fibers and cables and other such things. And they go searching and grepping and shlepping under all kinds of roads and bridges and ditches and culverts, and other such places. They go wading through swamps evading tigers and lions and aligators as they go looking for breaks in the linkages that hold the whole wired world together. (Or something entirely unlike that.)

Do you have any idea what these guys run up in cleaning bills?!?!?!

(Not to mention bug spray.)

So please, if you don't want images, use the OPTIONS menu to reconfigure your browser. If you do, make sure that there is not slash after the ".html".

What's a Webometer?

[See what you
missing? A genu-whine blue Leggo Webometer.]></a> 
  What's a webometer?  It's that blue plate thing in the picture, along
with some of our

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What are people looking for on the web? Find out!



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