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A Tribute to
Dr. Robert Fulton Cathcart, III
1932 - 2007

Our partner in healing, our mentor, our friend...

With your light and caring touch
You saved our lives.
Time and again,
You saved our Lives!

We were the modern lepers,
the ones others couldn't help,
MCS, non IgE allergies, "yuppie" flu.
They said it was psychosomatic,
said we didn't want to get better.
Oh, but we did! We certainly did!
To us, Our bodies were our prisons.

With your infinite faith in us
and your humble patience;
You primed us with your care,
then taught us How to care.
You spoke of vitamins and micronutrients.
Diet, nutrition, many other things.
You taught us how to live again,
Picked us up when we fell,
gave us the courage to try again...
   ...and again...
      ...and again.

Your office became our Temple,
the place we came for healing,
and for learning how to live, again

You made life worth living Again!

If I could but bargain with death...
I would take your place,
Take it in a flash!
Take it for you,
Take it for us,
Take it that you be here for the rest of us.
If I could but bargain with death...


It should be the goal of every doctor to have every patient feel this way about him or her. That goal is within reach.

What set Dr. Cathcart apart was not just his incredible brain, which he clearly had. Far more, it was his infinite FAITH and in US, his patients! And then his humble patience and work as a Partner in healing, not an authoritarian God.

Of course, that is what comes from having the right TOOLS, tools that WORK! For then you see that 99.9% of the patients really want to get better. And work harder and harder to get better and better the better they get.

I think the arrogance of modern doctors is in part because they DO NOT HAVE GOOD WORKING TOOLS! And thus must use the witchcraft of authority, suggestion and fear in effort to manage their patients.

Micronutrients, vitamins, trace elements, and the not so trace elements, are all good TOOLS that most modern witch doctors forgo in effort to placate their pharmaceutical daemons. Daemons should be the last resort, not the first.

Let nutrients be your first tools.


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